Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kylies First Day of First Grade

Kylie had her first day of First Grade. She is in year round school and started First Grade on July 28th, 2009. She got to ride the bus to school with her friends and we had a new bus stop thats right across the street from our house. Its is SOOOOO nice. She loves first grade. Good Job Kylie!! We love you!!!!!

Bear Lake End of Summer Trip

Last summer for Labor Day weekend, our friends Chad and Jen Stokes invited us and a few other families (JD and Alisa Dunn, Shaun and Laurie Freeman, and Jason and Shana Bunderson)to their parents cabin in Bear Lake. It was a blast. The Dunns brought their "Monster" boat and we all went wake boarding and surfing. In the evening after the kids went to down, it was adult time to play games and laugh. We had a great time, can't wait to do it again. Here are a few photos from the trip:

New York Trip with the Gunns

Central Park seen from the "Top of the Rock" Rockefeller Plazas Observation deck on the 70th floor.
Firestation located right across the street from "Ground Zero", they saw and participated in a lot of the action as it was happening.

Manhattan's Time Square (our hotel was located right here.)

Picture with our friends, Travis and Summer Gunn, taken from Ellis Island with downtown Manhattan behind us.

In August of 2009, we took a fabulous trip to New York, downtown Manhattan. I had never been there before and since Aaron has several clients, we decided to take a trip. We went with some friends from our new neighborhood, Travis and Summer Gunn. We left the kids home and headed out. We saw the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero and Museum, the "Top of the Rock" observation deck, Times Square, and a few braodway plays including "Wicked" which was amazing. I think though my favorite part was having New York Pizza at midnight. Nothing compares to a slice of New York pizza. I don't think I will ever go again in the summer as it was SOOOOOO hot and humid. If you have any natural curl to your hair, it will frizz, despite all attempts with the flat iron. Next time, the fall or Christmas will be best.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tessa's First Day of Small Wonders Preschool

Tessa's first day of her new preschool.

Tessa is a big Pre-K Preschooler now. She started school August 7th. They start school on the same schedule as year round, which Kylie is on. So far she loves it, and is doing very well. She can write her name with uppercase and lowercase letters, count to at least 40 without help and is starting to try and read. She asks me to read a book and then she repeats after me. She wants to be just like Kylie. We are very proud of her.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our good friend J.D.

I just had to add this picture of our good friend J.D. Dunn. We met their family in our neighborhood about two years ago, and I have decided that everyone should have a J.D. in their life. His laugh is contagious and seems to love life no matter what happens. I am very honored to be the Dunns friends, for they are truly good people. They had a recent situation that had a lot of us very scared, worried and in awe of them. Alisa his wife had gotten pregnant with conjoined twins and no matter what the prognosis was neither of them even considered the option of aborting. It was a true test of faith, that I have to admit I don't think I had. But they did and I will be forever grateful to them for their example of selflessness, and love. Thank you J.D and Alisa, you guys are amazing, good luck to you in the future as you continue to try again! May the Lord bless you for your valiant hearts!

P.S. J.D. is growing out his hair and this is what happens when you don't comb it! Yikes!!! Isn't his smile contagious?

Sayin' Goodbye to Adam and Lisa Bourgeois

My sister Lisa and her husband Adam have been at BYU for the past 2 1/2 years. This summer he finally finished school and got a job in Chicago, IL. On August 9th, they packed up all their stuff and headed out to Illinois. I have to admit that I will miss them, and the time we got to spend with them, but I will NOT miss their stuff down in our basement. It wasn't really in the way, just something else to worry about. Kylie and Tessa really miss them, they were really good with the girls. Now I can't wait until they have a turn to have their own little bundle of joy and start their own life now! Good luck Lisa, hang in there, and know we will keep you in our prayers!!! Miss ya' both. Thankfully, we still have Isaac, and Peter (who comes home from his mission in one year) still here at BYU. They are Adams brothers and come hang out with us from time to time. Hope to see you guys soon!

P.S. you pronounce Bourgeois like this -
Boo zh wah! It's french!

Fourth of July 2009

We got to spend the 4th of July with our good friends Jen and Jason Packer from Sacramento, CA. We knew them and have been through a lot with them over the past 10 years, and miss them dearly now that we are in Utah. Thank goodness Jason still has family out here and they come to visit about once or twice a year. It was good to see them. We did the whole fireworks thing, let the kids stay up a bit, then stayed up ourselves to play games 'til late. It was just like old times.

Tessa and Daddy enjoying the fireworks.

Our little pile of fireworks, man does it cost alot!!!

Taya, Kylie, Tessa and Dawson, too cute to be real!!!

Jen and Jason, smoking the firework lighting stick, "probably doesn't taste that good Jason"

Kylies Kindergarten Graduation

Congratulations Kylie, you made it through your first year of school, and you did AWESOME!!! Kylie finished her last day of school on July 2nd (we are in year round, so it ends late), and had a cute little program they put together. She was right behind the piano, so I didn't get a good shot of her though. She is a really good reader and got all good marks on everything. She also took the bus to school everyday, which she was scared of, but she did it!!! Good Job Kylie we are SOOOO proud of you!!!!